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Star Trek

I’ve a particular interest in how fictional characters and worlds change over the years. How they are handled by different authors, in different media, in different decades and centuries fascinates me.

All serial fiction has shades of this, but one could hardly ask for a better example than *Star Trek*: conceived in 1960 as a television program, first aired on September 8, 1966, and then expanding into several television series comprising over 700 episodes, 12 movies (and counting), hundreds of books, and numerous comics, video games, and all manner of other material.

My project is ambitious: watch everything; read everything; play the games; and learn about any of the material that I can’t experience firsthand. I’ve got a good start, having watched over the years all of the television shows, but that leaves the much vaster expanded universe mostly unexplored.

Whenever possible, I’ll be reading the books in publication order, to get a better feel for how the *Star Trek* universe actually developed.

In the tables below, nonfiction books, such as biographies, will be labelled [NF]. Fictional reference books, such as the Klingon dictionary, will be labelled [REF].


Title Date Names
Star Trek 1967-01 James Blish
Mission to Horatius 1968 Mack Reynolds
Star Trek 2 1968-02 James Blish
The Making of Star Trek [NF] 1968-09 Stephen E. Whitfield
Star Trek 3 1969-04 James Blish
Spock Must Die! 1970-02 James Blish
Star Trek 4 1971-07 James Blish
Star Trek 5 1972-02 James Blish
Star Trek 6 1972-04 James Blish
Star Trek 7 1972-07 James Blish
Star Trek 8 1972-11 James Blish
The World of Star Trek [NF] 1973-04-12 David Gerrold, William Campbell, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols
The Trouble With Tribbles [NF] 1973-04-12 David Gerrold
Star Trek 9 1973-08 James Blish
Star Trek 10 1974-02 James Blish
Star Trek Log One 1974-06 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Two 1974-08 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Three 1974-12 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Four 1975-02 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Blueprints [REF] 1975-04 Franz Joseph
Star Trek 11 1975-04 James Blish
Star Trek Log Five 1975-07 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Lives! [NF] 1975-10 Sondra Marshak, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Joan Winston
Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual [REF] 1975-11-01 Franz Joseph
I Am Not Spock [NF] 1976-02 Leonard Nimoy
Star Trek Log Six 1976-02 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek: The New Voyages 1976-03 Eleanor Arnason, Shirley Maiewski, Jennifer Guttridge, Doris Beetem, Marcia Ericson, Ruth Berman, Myrna Culbreath, Juanita Coulson, Claire Gabriel, Shirley Meech, Sondra Marshak
Star Trek Log Seven 1976-06 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Eight 1976-07 Alan Dean Foster
Spock, Messiah! 1976-09 Theodore R. Cogswell, Charles A. Spano, Jr.
Star Trek Puzzle Manual [NF] 1976-10 James Razzi
The Star Trek Reader 1976-10 James Blish
Letters to Star Trek [NF] 1976-12-12 Susan Sackett, Gene Roddenberry
Meaning in Star Trek [NF] 1977 Karin Blair
The Making of the Trek Conventions [NF] 1977 Joan Winston
Vulcan Language Guide [REF] 1977
The Star Trek Reader II 1977 James Blish
The Truth Machine 1977-01 Sharon Lerner, Christopher Cerf, Jane Clark
Star Trek Log Nine 1977-01 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Concordance [NF] 1977-06-02 Bjo Trimble
Star Trek Quiz Book [NF] 1977-06-07 Brad Dunning, Bart Andrews
The Price of the Phoenix 1977-07 Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath
Planet of Judgment 1977-08 Joe Haldeman
The Star Trek Reader III 1977-09 James Blish
The Prisoner of Vega 1977-10 Sharon Lerner, Christopher Cerf, Robert Swanson
Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual [REF] 1977-10 Geoffrey Mandel, Eileen Palestine, Doug Drexler, Anthony Fredrickson
Star Trek 12 1977-11 J. A. Lawrence, James Blish
Official Star Trek Cooking Manual [REF] 1978 Mary Ann Piccard
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 1978-01 Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath, Nichelle Nichols, Connie Faddis, Russell Bates, Jennifer Guttridge, Jane Peyton, Jesco von Puttkamer, Antonia Vallario, Marguerite B. Thompson
Star Trek Log Ten 1978-01 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Intragalactic Puzzles 1978-03 James Razzi
The Star Trek Reader IV 1978-03 James Blish
The Best of Trek [NF] 1978-04 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Mudd's Angels 1978-05 J. A. Lawrence
Vulcan! 1978-09 Kathleen Sky
The Starless World 1978-11 Gordon Eklund
Startoons 1979 Joan Winston
Trek to Madworld 1979-01 Stephen Goldin
World Without End 1979-02 Joe Haldeman
The Fate of the Phoenix 1979-05 Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath
A Star Trek Catalog [NF] 1979-10-01 Gerry Turnbull
Star Trek Speaks [NF] 1979-10-15 Stan Goldstein, Fred Goldstein, Susan Sackett
Devil World 1979-11 Gordon Eklund
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979-12 Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology [NF] 1979-12-24 Stan Goldstein, Fred Goldstein
The Official Star Trek Trivia Book [NF] 1980-01 Rafe Needleman
The Monsters of Star Trek 1980-01 Daniel Cohen
Chekov's Enterprise: A Personal Journal of the Making of Star Trek – The Motion Picture [NF] 1980-02 Walter Koenig
Perry's Planet 1980-02 Jack C. Haldeman II
The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture [NF] 1980-03 Susan Sackett, Gene Roddenberry
The Best of Trek #2 1980-03 Walter Irwin
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Photostory 1980-05 Richard J. Anobile
The Galactic Whirlpool 1980-10 David Gerrold
The Best of Trek #3 1981-01 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
The Star Trek Compendium [NF] 1981-03-20 Allan Asherman
Death's Angel 1981-04 Kathleen Sky
The Entropy Effect 1981-06 Vonda N. McIntyre
The Covenant of the Crown 1981-08 Howard Weinstein
The Klingon Gambit 1981-10 Robert E. Vardeman
The Best of Trek #4 1981-12 Walter Irwin
Star Trek II: Distress Call 1982 William Rotsler
The Prometheus Design 1982-03-15 Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath
The Abode of Life 1982-04-01 Lee Correy
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 1982-07 Vonda N. McIntyre
The Best of Trek #5 1982-08 Walter Irwin
The Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [NF] 1982-10-01 Allan Asherman
Distress Call! 1982-12 William Rotsler
Star Trek II: Short Stories 1982-12-01 William Rotsler
Star Trek II Biographies [REF] 1982-12-01 William Rotsler
On the Good Ship Enterprise: My 15 Years With Star Trek [NF] 1983 Bjo Trimble
Black Fire 1983-01-01 Sonni Cooper
Triangle 1983-03 Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath
Web of the Romulans 1983-06-01 M. S. Murdock
Yesterday's Son 1983-08 A. C. Crispin
The Best of Trek #6 1983-09 Walter Irwin
Mutiny on the Enterprise 1983-10 Robert E. Vardeman
The Wounded Sky 1983-12 Diane Duane
The Trellisane Confrontation 1984-02 David Dvorkin
Corona 1984-04 Greg Bear
The Final Reflection 1984-05-01 John M. Ford
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Storybook 1984-06 Lawrence Weinberg
Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure 1984-06 Michael J. Dodge, Gordon Tomei, John M. Ford
The Vulcan Treasure 1984-06 William Rotsler
The Best of Trek #7 [NF] 1984-06 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Star Trek III: Short Stories 1984-06-01 William Rotsler
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 1984-06-01 Vonda N. McIntyre
My Enemy, My Ally 1984-07 Diane Duane
The Tears of the Singers 1984-09-01 Melinda M. Snodgrass
The Vulcan Academy Murders 1984-11 Jean Lorrah
Uhura's Song 1985-01 Janet Kagan
The Best of Trek #8 1985-03 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Shadow Lord 1985-03-01 Laurence Yep
Ishmael 1985-05-01 Barbara Hambly
The Official Star Trek Quiz Book [NF] 1985-05-15 Mitchell Maglio
Killing Time 1985-07 Della Van Hise
Trivia Mania [NF] 1985-09 Xavier Einstein
Dwellers in the Crucible 1985-09 Margaret Wander Bonanno
The Best of Trek #9 1985-09 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Pawns and Symbols 1985-11 Majliss Larson
The Klingon Dictionary: English/Klingon Klingon/English [REF] 1985-12-01 Marc Okrand
Mindshadow 1986-01-01 J. M. Dillard
Crisis on Centaurus 1986-03 Brad Ferguson
Dreadnought! 1986-05 Diane Carey
The Best of Trek #10 [NF] 1986-06 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Demons 1986-07 J. M. Dillard
Enterprise: The First Adventure 1986-09 Vonda N. McIntyre
The Best of Trek #11 [NF] 1986-11 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Battlestations! 1986-11-15 Diane Carey
Star Trek: Phaser Fight 1986-12 Barbara Siegel, Scott Siegel, Gordon Tomei
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986-12 Vonda N. McIntyre
Strange and Amazing Facts about Star Trek [NF] 1986-12 Daniel Cohen
Chain of Attack 1987-02-01 Gene DeWeese
Deep Domain 1987-04 Howard Weinstein
Dreams of the Raven 1987-05 Carmen Carter
The Romulan Way 1987-08 Diane Duane, Peter Morwood
The Best of Trek #12 [NF] 1987-08 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Strangers from the Sky 1987-09-15 Margaret Wander Bonanno
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-10 David Gerrold
How Much for Just the Planet? 1987-10 John M. Ford
Bloodthirst 1987-12-01 J. M. Dillard
Final Frontier 1988-01 Diane Carey
The IDIC Epidemic 1988-02 Jean Lorrah
Time for Yesterday 1988-04 A. C. Crispin
The Best of Trek #13 [NF] 1988-05 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Timetrap 1988-06 David Dvorkin
The Star Trek Interview Book [NF] 1988-07 Allan Asherman, Gene Roddenberry, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Grace Lee Whitney, Tasha Martel, Michael Forest, Robert Butler, James Goldstone, Samuel A. Peeples, Jerry Sohl, Stephen Kandel, George Clayton Johnson, Norman Spinrad, Jerome Bixby, Robert Justman, Fred Freiberger, Lawrence Dobkin, Ralph Senensky, Marc Daniels, Joseph Pevney, Joe D'Agosta, Al Francis, Walter M. Jeffries, Jack Finlay, Joe Sorokin, Douglas Grindstaff, Gerald Fried, George Duning, Robert Raff, Fabien Tordjmann, Robert Fletcher, James Horner, Harve Bennett
Ghost Ship 1988-07 Diane Carey
The Three-Minute Universe 1988-08 Barbara Paul
The Peacekeepers 1988-09 Gene DeWeese
Memory Prime 1988-10 Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Best of Trek #14 [NF] 1988-11 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
The Final Nexus 1988-12 Gene DeWeese
Survivors 1989-01 Jean Lorrah
Vulcan's Glory 1989-02 D.C. Fontana
Strike Zone 1989-03 Peter David
Double, Double 1989-04 Michael Jan Friedman
Power Hungry 1989-05 Howard Weinstein
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 1989-06-01 J. M. Dillard
Masks 1989-07 John Vornholt
Star Wreck: The Generation Gap 1989-08 Leah Rewolinski
The Captains' Honor 1989-09-01 David Dvorkin, Daniel Dvorkin
The Cry of the Onlies 1989-10 Judy Klass
The Lost Years 1989-10 J. M. Dillard
A Call to Darkness 1989-11-01 Michael Jan Friedman
The Kobayashi Maru 1989-12 Julia Ecklar
A Rock and a Hard Place 1990-01 Peter David
Rules of Engagement 1990-02 Peter Morwood
Metamorphosis 1990-03 Jean Lorrah
The Pandora Principle 1990-04 Carolyn Clowes
Gulliver's Fugitives 1990-05-01 Keith Sharee
Doctor's Orders 1990-06 Diane Duane
Doomsday World 1990-07 Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger
The Eyes of the Beholders 1990-09 A. C. Crispin
Prime Directive 1990-09-01 Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Enemy Unseen 1990-10 V. E. Mitchell
Exiles 1990-11-01 Howard Weinstein
Home is the Hunter 1990-12 Dana Kramer-Rolls
Fortune's Light 1991-01-01 Michael Jan Friedman
Ghost-Walker 1991-02 Barbara Hambly
Contamination 1991-03 John Vornholt
The Best of Trek #16 [NF] 1991-03 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
A Flag Full of Stars 1991-04 Brad Ferguson
Vendetta 1991-05 Peter David
Boogeymen 1991-07-01 Mel Gilden
Legacy 1991-08 Michael Jan Friedman
Reunion 1991-11 Michael Jan Friedman
Unification 1991-11 Jeri Taylor
The Rift 1991-11 Peter David
Perchance to Dream 1991-12 Howard Weinstein
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1992-01 J. M. Dillard
Star Wreck II: The Attack of the Jargonites 1992-01 Leah Rewolinski
Spartacus 1992-02-20 T. L. Mancour
The Man Who Created Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry [NF] 1992-03 James Van Hise
Faces of Fire 1992-03 Michael Jan Friedman
Chains of Command 1992-04 Bill McCay, Eloise Flood
Probe 1992-04-01 Margaret Wander Bonanno
The Man Between the Ears: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy [NF] 1992-05 James Van Hise
The Disinherited 1992-05 Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger
Imbalance 1992-06 V. E. Mitchell
Ice Trap 1992-07 L. A. Graf
Imzadi 1992-08-01 Peter David
Sanctuary 1992-09 John Vornholt
War Drums 1992-10 John Vornholt
Star Wreck III: Time Warped 1992-10 Leah Rewolinski
Relics 1992-11 Michael Jan Friedman
Death Count 1992-11 L. A. Graf
Nightshade 1992-12 Laurell K. Hamilton
Shell Game 1993-02 Melissa Crandall
Emissary 1993-02 J. M. Dillard
Grounded 1993-03 David Bischoff
The Starship Trap 1993-04 Mel Gilden
Star Wreck IV: Live Long and Profit 1993-04 Leah Rewolinski
The Devil's Heart 1993-04-01 Carmen Carter
The Romulan Prize 1993-05-01 Simon Hawke
Windows on a Lost World 1993-06 V. E. Mitchell
From the Depths 1993-08-01 Victor Milan
Shadows on the Sun 1993-08-01 Michael Jan Friedman
Guises of the Mind 1993-09-01 Rebecca Neason
The Great Starship Race 1993-10 Diane Carey
Star Trek Memories [NF] 1993-10 William Shatner, Chris Kreski
Descent 1993-10 Diane Carey
Dark Mirror 1993-12-01 Diane Duane
Here There Be Dragons 1993-12-01 John Peel
Firestorm 1994-01 L. A. Graf
Sins of Commission 1994-03 Susan Wright
The Patrian Transgression 1994-04 Simon Hawke
Star Wreck 6: Geek Space Nine 1994-04 Leah Rewolinski
Debtors' Planet 1994-05-01 W. R. Thompson
All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek [NF] 1994-05-17 Dave Marinaccio
Gene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek [NF] 1994-06 Joel Engle
Traitor Winds 1994-06 L. A. Graf
All Good Things… 1994-06-01 Michael Jan Friedman
Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry [NF] 1994-06-01 David Alexander
Q-Squared 1994-07-15 Peter David
Foreign Foes 1994-08-01 Dave Galanter, Greg Brodeur
Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation [NF] 1994-08-17 Yvonne Fern
Crossroad 1994-09 Barbara Hambly
To the Stars [NF] 1994-10 George Takei
Requiem 1994-10-01 Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan
Beyond Uhura [NF] 1994-10-19 Nichelle Nichols
Trek: The Unauthorized A-Z [NF] 1994-11 Hal Schuster, Wendy Rathbone
Star Trek Movie Memories [NF] 1994-11 William Shatner, Chris Kreski
Antimatter 1994-11 John Vornholt
Star Trek Generations 1994-12 J. M. Dillard
Star Trek Generations 1994-12 John Vornholt
The Better Man 1994-12 Howard Weinstein
Star Wreck 7: Space: The Fido Frontier 1994-12 Leah Rewolinski
Balance of Power 1995-01-01 Dafydd ab Hugh
Caretaker 1995-02 L. A. Graf
Warped 1995-03 K. W. Jeter
Recovery 1995-03 J. M. Dillard
Blaze of Glory 1995-03-01 Simon Hawke
The Unauthorized Trekkers' Guide to The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine [NF] 1995-04 James Van Hise
The Escape 1995-05 Dean Wesley Smith, Kristtine Kathryn Rusch
The Fearful Summons 1995-06 Denny Martin Flinn
The Ashes of Eden 1995-06-27 William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Ragnarok 1995-07 Nathan Archer
Into the Nebula 1995-07 Gene DeWeese
First Frontier 1995-08-01 Diane Carey, James I. Kirkland
Violations 1995-09 Susan Wright
I Am Spock [NF] 1995-10 Leonard Nimoy
The Last Stand 1995-10-01 Brad Ferguson
Incident at Arbuk 1995-11 John Gregory Betancourt
Crossover 1995-12 Michael Jan Friedman
The Captain's Daughter 1995-12 Peter David
Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History, 1967-1987 [NF] 1996 Joan Marie Verba
Dragon's Honor 1996-01 Kij Johnson, Greg Cox
Twilight's End 1996-01 Jerry Oltion
The Best of Trek #18 [NF] 1996-02 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
The Return 1996-04-01 William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Possession 1996-05 J. M. Dillard, Kathleen O'Malley
The Rings of Tautee 1996-05 Dean Wesley Smith, Kristtine Kathryn Rusch
Cybersong 1996-06 S. N. Lewitt
The Soldiers of Fear 1996-06-01 Dean Wesley Smith, Kristtine Kathryn Rusch
First Strike 1996-07 Diane Carey
The Final Fury 1996-08 Dafydd ab Hugh
Time's Enemy 1996-08 L. A. Graf
The Best of The Best of Trek, Part One [NF] 1996-08 Walter Irwin, G. B. Love
Infiltrator 1996-09 W. R. Thompson
The Joy Machine 1996-09 James Gunn, Theodore Sturgeon
Patrick Stewart: The Unauthorized Biography [NF] 1996-09-01 James Hatfield, George Doc Bert
A Fury Scorned 1996-11 Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski
Bless the Beasts 1996-12 Karen Haber
Star Trek: First Contact 1996-12 J. M. Dillard
Beam Me Up, Scotty [NF] 1996-12-01 James Doohan
The Death of Princes 1997-01 John Peel
Mudd in Your Eye 1997-01 Jerry Oltion
The Spin on Spiner [NF] 1997-02-14 Mimi Braverman
Intellivore 1997-04-01 Diane Duane
Avenger 1997-05-01 William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Mind Meld 1997-06 John Vornholt
Into the Void 1997-07-01 Peter David
End Game 1997-08-01 Peter David
The Two-Front War 1997-08-01 Peter David
Heart of the Sun 1997-11 Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski
The Completely Useless Unauthorized Star Trek Encyclopedia [NF] 1997-11 Steve Lyons, Chris Howarth
Assignment: Eternity 1998-01-01 Greg Cox
Leonard Nimoy: A Star's Trek [NF] 1998-03 John Micklos, Jr.
Warped Factors [NF] 1998-04 Walter Koenig
Fire on High 1998-04-01 Peter David
War Dragons 1998-06 L. A. Graf
Future Perfect: How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth [NF] 1998-06-01 Jeff Greenwald
The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy [NF] 1998-07 Grace Lee Whitney
Once Burned 1998-10-01 Peter David
Behind Enemy Lines 1998-11-01 John Vornholt
Tunnel Through the Stars 1998-11-01 John Vornholt
…Sacrifice of Angels 1998-12 Diane Carey
Get a Life! [NF] 1999-05-01 William Shatner, Chris Kreski
Dark Allies 1999-11-01 Peter David
The Badlands, Book Two of Two 1999-12-01 Susan Wright
The Badlands, Book One of Two 1999-12-01 Susan Wright
Preserver 2000-07 William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Genesis Wave, Book One 2000-08-29 John Vornholt
The Genesis Wave, Book Two 2001-04-03 John Vornholt
Chainmail 2001-08-01 Diane Carey
One Small Step 2001-08-01 Susan Wright
Doors Into Chaos 2001-09-01 Robert Greenberger
Demons of Air and Darkness 2001-09-01 Keith R. A. DeCandido
Cold Wars 2001-10-01 Peter David
No Man's Land 2001-10-01 Christie Golden
What Lay Beyond 2001-11 Susan Wright, Diane Carey, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Christie Golden, Peter David, Robert Greenberger
DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories [NF] 2001-11-01 Kristine M. Smith
Being Human 2001-11-01 Peter David
The Genesis Wave, Book Three 2002-01-01 John Vornholt
Immortal Coil 2002-02 Jeffrey Lang
Inside Trek: My Secret Life with Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry [NF] 2002-05 Susan Sackett
The Sundered 2003-08-01 Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels
Stone and Anvil 2003-10 Peter David
Unity 2003-11 S. D. Perry
Just a Geek [NF] 2004-06 Wil Wheaton
From Sawdust to Stardust [NF] 2005-02-01 Terry Lee Rioux
The Red King 2005-10 Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin
Captain's Glory 2006-08 William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Up Till Now: The Autobiography [NF] 2008-05-13 William Shatner, David Fisher
The View from the Bridge – Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood [NF] 2009-08-20 Nicholas Meyer
Flying Starships [NF] 2013-01-02 Ronald B. Moore
Born with Teeth: A Memoir [NF] 2015-04-14 Kate Mulgrew
Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man [NF] 2016-02-16 William Shatner, David Fisher
The Impossible Has Happened: The Life and Work of Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek [NF] 2016-08-02 Lance Parkin
Fascinating: The Life of Leonard Nimoy [NF] 2016-09-06 Richard Michelson, Edel Rodriguez


Title Date Names
Spockanalia 1 1967-09 Dorothy Jones, Shirley Meech, Sherna Comerford, Juanita Coulson, Kay Anderson, Sandy Deckinger, Devra Michele Langsam, Ruth Berman, Kathy Bushman
ST-Phile 1 1968-01 Kay Anderson, Juanita Coulson
Spockanalia 2 1968-04
Spockanalia 3 1968-09
ST-Phile 2 1968-11 Kay Anderson, Juanita Coulson
Spockanalia 4 1969-04
T-Negative 1 1969-06 Ruth Berman
T-Negative 2 1969-08 Ruth Berman
T-Negative 3 1969-09 Ruth Berman
T-Negative 4 1969-12 Ruth Berman
T-Negative 5 1970-02 Ruth Berman
Spockanalia 5 1970-06
Academy Chronicles 1 1973-05 Anne Mueller
Enterprise Incidents 1 1975 Sheila Clark, Helen McCarthy, Beth Hallam
Contact 1 1975-12 Beverly Volker, Nancy Kippax, Connie Faddis
Enterprise Incidents 2 1976 Sheila Clark, Michael Cleaver, Sandy Sapatka, Judy Miller
Contact 2 1976-05 Connie Faddis, Gerry Downes, Beverly Volker, Joanne Bennett, Nancy Kippax, Kathleen Penland, Signe Landon, Johanna Cantor, Pete Kaup, Diane Steiner
All My Crewmen 1 1976-07 Carol Andrus, Julia Howarth
All My Crewmen 2 1977
All My Crewmen 3 1977
Contact 3 1977-03 Nancy Kippax, Beverly Volker, Martha J. Bonds, Jeanne Powers, Susan Dorsey, Jane Aumerle, Trinette Kern, Sheila Clark, Cheryl Rice, Johanna Cantor, Pete Kaup, Susan K. James, Marion Dougall
Contact 4 1977-09 Crystal Ann Taylor, Ginna Lacroix, Nancy Kippax, Martha J. Bonds, Pete Kaup, Beverly Volker, Karen Moody, Sheila Clark, Shirley Maiewski, Amy Falkowitz, Jennifer Weston, Susan K. James, S. Schildknecht, J. Volker, Carolyn Venino, J. Emily Vance
Academy Chronicles 6 1979 Jane Freitag
Academy Chronicles 7 1979 Jane Freitag, Kyym-Suon
Academy Chronicles 8 1979 Joei VandenBerg, Kyym-Suon
Contact 5/6 1979-09 Beverly Volker, Linda White, Theresa Wright, Teri White, Pete Kaup, Martha J. Bonds, C. F. Woolford, Ellen L. Kolbrin, Crystal Ann Taylor, Della Van Hise, Virginia Green, Sandra Gent, Susan K. James, Shirley Passman, Ginna Lacroix, Carolyn Venino, Sibyl Hancock, Jimmye Galli, Carol Frisbie, Sarah Leibold, Nancy Kippax
Enterprise Incidents 3 1981-02 Lorraine Goodison, Roo, Virginia Lee Smith
Enterprise Log Entries 44 1981-08 Vicki Richards, Kelly Downs, Sharon Stockley, Therese Holmes, Meg Wright, S. Meek, Ann Preece, Anne Humphrey, Maria Johnston
Enterprise Incidents 4 1981-12 Lorraine Goodison, Roo, Virginia Lee Smith
Beyond Mutara 1983-08 Sheila Clark, Valerie Piacentini
Academy Chronicles 12 1984 Rosemarie Eierman, Susan Meinecke
Enterprise Incidents 5 1984-08 Lorraine Goodison
Academy Chronicles 13 1985 Rosemarie Eierman
Enterprise Incidents 6 1986-02 Jennifer Guttridge
Enterprise Incidents 7 1986-04 Jennifer Guttridge
Enterprise Incidents 8 1987-03 Sheila Clark
Enterprise Incidents 9 1990-04 Sandy Catchick
Enterprise Incidents 10 1990-07 Sandy Catchick
Enterprise Incidents 11 1994-05 Jay Stevensen
Enterprise Incidents 12 1995-05 Rosemarie Heaton


Title Date Names
The Planet of No Return 1967-07 Nevio Zeccara, Dick Wood
The Devil's Isle of Space 1968-03 Dick Wood, Nevio Zeccara
Invasion of the City Builders 1968-12 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
The Peril of Planet Quick Change 1969-06 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
The Ghost Planet 1969-09 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
When Planets Collide 1969-12 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
The Voodoo Planet 1970-03 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
The Youth Trap 1970-09 Dick Wood, Alberto Giolitti
The Legacy of Lazarus 1971-02 Len Wein, Alberto Giolitti
Sceptre of the Sun 1971-05 Len Wein, Alberto Giolitti
Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 1977-11
Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before 1977-12
Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles 1977-12
Star Trek: A Taste of Armageddon 1978-01
Star Trek: Metamorphosis 1978-02
Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays 1978-05
The Galileo Seven 1978-05 Oliver Crawford, S. Bar-David
Star Trek: A Piece of the Action 1978-06
Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark 1978-07
Star Trek: Day of the Dove 1978-08
Star Trek: The Deadly Years 1978-09
Star Trek: Amok Time 1978-10
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Photostory 1980-04 Richard J. Anobile
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Photostory 1982-10 Richard J. Anobile


Title Date Names
Inside Star Trek 1 1968-07 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 2 1968-08 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 3 1968-09 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 4 1968-10 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 5 1968-11 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 6 1968-12 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 7 1969-01 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 8 1969-02 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 9 1969-03 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 10 1969-04 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 11 1969-05 Ruth Berman
Inside Star Trek 12 1969-06 Ruth Berman
Star Trektennial News 13 1976-05 Susan Sackett

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