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Review Policy

Every book blog needs a review policy, so I hear.

I accept unsolicited books for review. Note that I do not guarantee a review–if a book doesn’t interest me enough to finish it, I will generally not review it. Of course, that I complete a book does not guarantee a positive review, either.

I will accept ARCs, in either paper or electronic form, from publishers as well as indie authors. Books of any genre will be considered, though books in my preferred genres are more likely to be accepted.

Book submissions or queries may be emailed.

Genres I prefer

  • Any age group (children’s, middle grade, YA, adult)
  • Picture books, fiction or non-fiction, particularly preferred
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy

Reviews will be posted to

  • This blog
  • Goodreads
  • LibraryThing
  • Amazon, if the review format is suitable

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