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The Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library

The Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library is a series of nineteen books–eighteen stories for children and one guide for parents–featuring Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Cinderella. Some are retellings of classic stories, like The Tortoise and the Hare (Goofy’s Big Race) or The Emperor’s New Clothes (Pooh’s New Clothes), while some are original stories, like The Ugly Stepsisters.

  1. Mickey Meets the Giant
  2. Thumper’s Little Sisters
  3. Pinocchio’s Promise
  4. Goofy’s Big Race
  5. Pooh’s New Clothes
  6. The Ugly Stepsisters
  7. Mickey Finds a Kitten
  8. Dumbo at Bat
  9. Wendy’s Adventure in Never Land
  10. Wise Grandma Duck
  11. Welcome Back, Snow White
  12. Scrooge and the Magic Fish
  13. Ferdinand and the Bullies
  14. Donald Cries “Wolf!”
  15. Hiawatha’s Kind Heart
  16. Li’l Wolf Saves the Day
  17. Donald Learns a Lesson
  18. Pooh Plans a Party
  19. Road to Reading

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