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Aladdin – Episode 01: “Air Feather Friends” (Pilot)

Posted by Tracy Poff on July 10, 2011

Agrabah is attacked by thieving ‘wind demons’, though Aladdin doesn’t believe they’re demons at all. He makes a bet that he can prove it, and stands to lose Abu if he fails. Ultimately, it turns out to be a group of thieves under the leadership of Abis Mal that is causing the trouble, using the power of roc’s feathers to protect them and cow their victims.

This episode is very simple. Supposedly, the viewer should worry about whether Abu will be lost in the bet, but of course there’s no chance that this will happen, so it provides little tension.

Having the roc’s mother save the day is about the most sensible thing they’ll ever do on this show, so enjoy it.

The animation is capable, but the story is lacking. Not an episode I’d avoid seeing, but it’s not worth watching more than once.


2 Responses to “Aladdin – Episode 01: “Air Feather Friends” (Pilot)”

  1. USAgent said

    Why would Aladdin deem losing his best friend/accessory a rational thing to do?

  2. Tracy Poff said

    Aladdin’s character is totally malleable in this series, depending on what the plot requires. If Aladdin needs to be irrational, prideful, and stupid to get the story going, then he will be. If he needs to be selfless, clever, and patient, then he’ll be those things instead. The schizophrenic characterization is probably the biggest weakness of this show.

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